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  • Larkflight

    What's up, penises? Haha, that was funnyyy! You want answers? Want me? You got it!

    First off, I've gone crazy. Insane. I don't even know what I am saying. Yay!

    Second. BTA never told me that he did not have cancer, but I know he doesn't. We never planned anything.

    And why did I lie? I LOVE attention! As retarded as that sounds, it's very true. This is the internet. If you children want to come here, you gotta be prepared for lies. That's basically what the internet is for. I never, ever said that I had cancer, my "brother" did. And he's not even real. So my cancer lie can be counted as my brother lie. And why did I lie about the brother? Because I wanted to troll freely without having anyone know that it was the "amazing" Larkflight that ever…

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  • Larkflight

    My gosh. It's snowing and I'm cold and bored. This blog is stupid. Bleh.

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