Hey users. Right, so - this is serious. Probably my most serious blog ever. Larkie has made it clear that she hates me. And it's made me realise - I can't do this alone. I can't run the wiki alone, not after all that's happened. So, I need help. In the form of.. Jackie Wiki staff! This is a group of people who will run the wiki and do certain jobs. And who's in the staff? Well..

All the admins on the wiki, so T - Man, Speedy and Big Time.

This group of staff may grow over time, but these are they key members. The staff will look after the wiki and update the pages. I, as the founder, will also be introducing a User Protection Policy (UPP). You'll heat more about that soon. So, as Christmas draws near, let's use this staff group as a way to repair the damage to the wiki caused by the user conflicts. This wiki has been shaken, and we need to repair it. Dynovan out.