Merry Christmas, users! It's Christmas Day! I bet you're all opening presents right now. I've opened all mine. So, it's been almost a year since the wiki was founded, and since then it's boomed. As I'm not talking to you face to face, I can't give you real life presents, but I do have presents for all of you. These presents are thank yous. T - Man - thank you for helping me to kick start the wiki. The wiki wouldn't be in this position without you. Speedy - Just, thank you for being here. :). Big Time - Thanks for expanding the wiki and being a great friend. Blackie and Firey - thank you for welcoming me to the Battle of the Gods Roleplaying Wiki a few weeks ago. And last but not least, Larkie - Thank you for being with us at Christmas, and well... thanks for not dying. :)

So that's all really! Have a great Christmas. Dyno out.

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