Hello users! Welcome to the first of my weekly blogs about football, of which there will be two this week. In this blog I will be discussing this week's Champions League action.

European champions Bayern Munich won 3-1 at English team Manchester City in a group game on Wednesday. What was seen that night was the fact that Bayern utterly outclassed City, enjoying over 70% of possession. Man City are United Arab Emirates owned and spent almost £100 this summer - and have spent around this mark since their takeover in 2008. The aim is simple - to become one of Europe's best clubs.

It's clear to see that City have succeeded. With one of the best centre-backs in the world, Vincent Kompany, as captain, a world-class striker up front in the form of Sergio Aguero and the brilliant Yaya Toure setting the tempo in midfield, they can now be classed as one of Europe's elite. They have reached the group stages of the Champions League for the last three seasons and are expected to make it out of their group.

However, if you watch their game with Bayern, you will see that they were outclassed. This could be excused - City were playing the Champions of Europe, who are quality all over the park and have a midfield that will dominate possession in every single game they play. It has, though, been seen before with City. They have played the likes of Real Madrid, Ajax, Borussia Dortmund and Napoli in the Champions League. These teams are in the Champions League every single season, and City have not been. With a few improvements (stronger midfield, slightly stronger bench, new goalkeeper)  they have the potential to go far in Europe. Until City believe that they belong there, though, they will be stuck in the groups. City are a great team - it is simply that teams they have played in the competition have had more experience and know-how. Until City gain that know-how, it is unlikely we will see them reach further than the quarter-finals.

I hope you enjoyedf my blog. My next, a review of the action in the big European leagues over the weekend, will be out on Tuesday. Thanks for reading!

Dyno out.

Dyno! | Chat with me! | FIFA 14 is here! 19:02, October 3, 2013 (UTC)

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