Hi users! Welcome to my latest football blog, and apologies for the delay. Today I'm going to be briefly discussing Atletico Madrid.

In Spanish football it has always been that Barcelona and Real Madrid  have been the dominate forces. The last time a team other than one of this pair was Valencia in 2003-04. Barcelona are the champions and are currently top of the table, four points ahead of Madrid - but not Real Madrid.

Real's city rivals Atletico sit in second, five points clear of the 2011-12 champions. Atletico have a strong, well-balanced squad. I expected them to challenge for La Liga last season, when at one point they were second and eight points clear of Real. However, a dip in form and a late Real surge saw Real take the runners-up spot with Atletico finishing third. Atletico still qualified for the Champions League group stages and are currently top of their group with a 100% record.

For me, it's good that a new team has come in to challenge the giants of the Spanish game. It adds more excitement, because due to the Barca-Real domination La Liga can be boring. I think that Atletico have the quality to win La Liga - there is not much between them and Barca and they are certainly at least as good as Real, having recorded a stunning win at Real's Bernabeu in September. I expect them to finish at least second.

Thanks for reading my blog! My next blog will be up tomorrow.

Dyno out.

Dyno! | Chat with me! | Well done England! Brazil here we come! 21:08, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

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