yes um i saw some of messages between sky and larky it scares to see what they said and sky even banned her for a year and yelled at her that she could break up. us, humans can be quite a fool i even claim it myself plus i had a very good friend that i had often talked to and i find out she died a month ago and i find out she was raped like 2 times then killed when i found that out i was in shock and i was deep in thought for a while that my friend were worried about me and i also find out that another one of my good friends killed herself 2 months ago i wouldn't be anymore surprised if another good friend killed herself i would be in bed in grief for a long time i think this doesn't help me at all i stay quiet while typing this

we, humans are fools even myself


Blackfur ufufufufufufu >=3 01:21, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

hope you have the time to read this and thank you if you are reading this