Hey. BigTimeAwesomeness here. :(

So I know most of you have seen Larkflight's user page. For those of you who haven't, she says she's gonna die soon, but she didn't say why. Today, I found something out: she has cancer. I was shocked, because she never told anyone I know of. Not even me, her ex-boyfriend! Although her brother told me this, and he's a liar, I believe him. He's never lied to me about something like this before. And it makes a lot of sense. Like on her user page where it says "I'm lucky to have lasted this long." I'm really upset, but, as Speedysnotch told me, if she is dead, we have to move on, no matter how hard it may be. And believe me, it WILL be hard. If she's still alive, we can only hope she'll get better and come back.

On a brighter note: Trivia! From now long, I will post a blog containing a update on the past week and a trivia question, whether it is history, math, or whatever! So keep watch for that starting this Friday, December 23rd!

Bigtime out!

BTA~It's Christmastime in the City.....and Pretty Much Everywhere Else 02:30, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

UPDATE: Larkflight has messaged me on another wiki and told me she's okay. I don't think she wants anyone messaging her, but if you tell me a message, I'll pass it on.