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  • BigTimeAwesomeness

    Update/Trivia 1

    December 23, 2011 by BigTimeAwesomeness

    Heyy guys! BTA here!


    • Dyno made a new page: "What do I think of you?"
    • T-Man and Speedy were awarded "Contributor of the Year"
    • The Poll of the Month was posted.
    • Firey has joined our Wiki! Say hi to her
    • Larkflight has come back! :)
    • Voting for "Wiki of the Years" has opened! Vote for us now!

    And now: Trivia

    No using your calculators. Solve this math problem:

    "2 is what percent of 345?"

    Answer will be posted soon.

    BTA out!

    "If you walk away, everyday it will rain..."

    BTA~How Lovely Are Your Branches O Christmas Tree... 20:12, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

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  • BigTimeAwesomeness

    Hey guys! BigTimeAwesomeness here!

    Ok, it's that time of year again. It's time to vote for the best wiki of the year. I already nominated us, and, with one vote, we are at number 33. Come on guys! Let's vote! Link is here.

    BTA out.

    "If you walk away, everyday it will rain...."

    BTA~How Lovely Are Your Branches O Christmas Tree... 21:45, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

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  • BigTimeAwesomeness

    Hey. BigTimeAwesomeness here. :(

    So I know most of you have seen Larkflight's user page. For those of you who haven't, she says she's gonna die soon, but she didn't say why. Today, I found something out: she has cancer. I was shocked, because she never told anyone I know of. Not even me, her ex-boyfriend! Although her brother told me this, and he's a liar, I believe him. He's never lied to me about something like this before. And it makes a lot of sense. Like on her user page where it says "I'm lucky to have lasted this long." I'm really upset, but, as Speedysnotch told me, if she is dead, we have to move on, no matter how hard it may be. And believe me, it WILL be hard. If she's still alive, we can only hope she'll get better and come backā€¦

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  • BigTimeAwesomeness


    December 4, 2011 by BigTimeAwesomeness

    Hey guys! BigTimeAwesomeness here!

    Okay, so as we all know, it's Christmastime. People are decorating and buying presents. And we have some Christmas stuff coming up. What what do YOU want from Christmas? For me, all I want is a iPhone. But what do you want? Answer in comments!

    Random blog?


    BTA out!

    BTA~Imma Admin, So Don't Tick Me Off! 02:09, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • BigTimeAwesomeness


    November 24, 2011 by BigTimeAwesomeness

    (First blog! Whoo hoo!)

    Hi! I'm BigTimeAwesomeness! Most of you guys on this wiki know me, but for those of you who don't, it is nice to meet you.

    Okay, I know I'm not admin (even though I want to be.....but that's not the point) but what do you guys think we should do for this wiki? What kind of things should we add? Should we change some stuff? Voice your opinions in comments!

    ~ BTA

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