This is where all users can post their favourite videos on YouTube.



  • Ultimate Assassins Creed 3 song (Music video)
  • Firetruck! (Music video)
  • Pokemon Theme Song

Smosh second channelEdit

  • All 'Lunchtime with Smosh'
  • All 'Ian is Bored'

Smosh GamesEdit

  • All 'Gametime with Smosh'
  • All 'Game Bang'


  • All 'ASDF movie' videos


Some of the videos in my favorites plalist:

  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Super Trailer by SouperboyX
  • 「Junk Head 1」 FULL English by YAMIKEN HORI
  • My slapstick movie by georgechimp
  • The Ghost Pepper Challenge by Good Mythical Morning

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