My opinion on you...

Right, so. This is my opinions page. Big Time's done one, so I thought I'd do one too. This is where I will put what I think of all you users, as honest as it can come. Read on.

Do you want an opinion on you here? If you do, write your name, linked to your user page, in the opinions section, and I'll do the rest.


Speedysnitch - What can I say? Where would Wikia be without Speedy? Speedy is an awesome user and a great friend.

TARDIS2010 - T - Man was the first friend I made when I joined Wikia. He is cool, laid back and epic.

Larkflight - Larkie's a fighter. No one I know is quite like her. She's always ready to speak her opinion, and is never ashamed to say anything. She's her own person, through and through.

Kogata - Hey Kog! Kogata is an awesome user who writes epic fanfics. She is funny and epic. And epic. Did I mention epic?

SpaceFace129 - SpaceFace is awesome. He is always there to help people out and is a funny and cool person.