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It's December!

 Hey users! It's almost December, which means it's almost time to begin the countdown to Christmas! From 1 December The Social Wiki will be counting down to Christmas with new activities every day. Advent Calendar 2013 is here!

Countdown to ChristmasEdit

  • December 1 - Advent Calendar 2013 begins!
  • December 2 - Pages relating to 2014 World Cup are created!
  • December 3 - 6 - Pages improved for Christmas.
  • December 7 - Christmas competition launched!
  • December 8 - 16 - Christmas cheer!
  • December 17 - What do you like about Christmas? Let us know!
  • December 18 - 19 - Write a blog and tell us about your favourite Christmas film!
  • December 20 - Write a blog and tell us your favourite Christmas song!
  • December 21 - Tell us about your best Christmas moment!
  • December 22 - Two days to go! Edit as many pages as possible to make the wiki Christmassy!
  • December 23 - It's Christmas Eve tomorrow, so enjoy yourself on the wiki.
  • December 24 - It's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from The Social Wiki!

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